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Nancy Brandt  has had a love affair with animals since childhood. She was one of those kids who’d bring injured animals and strays home and nurse them back to health. It is no wonder she is such a great dog, cat and pet sitter.

The Brandt family had a farm where Nancy learned much about animal care. In addition, she was a 4H kid and worked in animal rescue.

Today, Nancy helps families feel safe, knowing their homes and pets are being cared for by a passionate professional.

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What People Say About Nancy The Home and Pet Sitter

To Whom It May Concern,
Please consider this letter of reference and recommendation for Nancy Brandt and her related house/pet sitting services. My husband and I have known Nancy for several years in a personal capacity and consider her a wonderful friend. In 2021, we started using her to care for our growing “furmily” and ranch.

We have dogs that have a picky diet and take medicine. We have cats that know exactly when its time for dinner. We have chickens that need daily attention, treats, and love. We have 1.2 acres of gardens and plants that need daily watering. Oh, and don’t forget the fish.

Nancy always arrives on time, spends lots of time caring for and cuddling with them all (except the fish)! She is diligent about times, medications and routines. She knows how important that is to us and she is thoughtful enough to send us texts and pics of everyone enjoying themselves. On top of that, she is very considerate of our home and neighbors and leaves things nicer than when we left.

We are pleased to be able to provide an A+ 5-star rating for Nancy!

Roxanne & Steve

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